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 Workshops Available

The following workshops have been held in the past and are available for both in-class and online settings. They provide a start on the road to sanity—yoga of the central channel. Custom workshops available.

  1. Foundations of Neidan Yoga - Introduction to Meridians

  2. Foundations of Neidan Yoga - Anterior Circuit

  3. Foundations of Neidan Yoga - Posterior Circuit

  4. Foundations of Neidan Yoga - Introduction to Daoist Yoga

The Eye of Mother Kali. The galaxy M87, located in the Virgo super galaxy, is home to a super-massive black hole that spews two jets of material out into space at nearly the speed of light. The top inset shows the shock waves created by these jets. The lower inset shows a ring of material around the black hole itself. It’s rather like the eye of Mother Kali. One of the jets is streaming straight toward the earth. The Divine Mother is keeping an eye on all the antics of this crazy world. Jai Ma! Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/IPAC

In the Works

Services and products currently being developed for future release. Feel free to inquire and/or help. 


Qigong Remedies for karma

  1. Bhava series (self = your personal drama this lifetime)

  2. Kendra series (Lord Vishnu = foundation)

  3. Graha series (solar system = astral plane)

  4. Rashi series (spiral arm = upper astral plane)

  5. Nakshatra series (Milky Way galaxy = lower mental plane)

  6. Tattva series (Andromeda galaxy = upper mental plane)

  7. Deep space series (Virgo super galaxy and beyond = causal plane and on)

health cultivation

  1. Upper Jiao series (Heart and Lung meridians = circulation, respiration and psychosomatic conditions; authentic self)

  2. Middle Jiao series (Spleen, Stomach, Small and Large Intestine meridians = digestion, cleansing; joy and drive)

  3. Lower Jiao series (Kidney, Bladder, Liver, Gall Bladder meridians = cleansing, regulation of fluid and energy; grounding and sense of well-being)

  4. Integration series (Pericardium, Triple Warmer, Governing and Conception meridians = balance of all qi flows; clarity, power, dexterity)

Yoga Training

  1. Qigong to neigong - adding in the first levels of qigong practice to hatha yoga and pranayama

Jyotish Training

  1. AcuJyoti - mapping Jyotish to the acupuncture meridians and points