neidan yoga — Levels 3 and 4A

Daoist practice consists of three stages: weigong ("outer" qigong), neigong ("inner" qigong) and neidan (meditation which amplifies the results of weigong and neigong and takes them one step further by integrating the individual with the cosmic field). The third and fourth levels of neidan yoga focus primarily on developing neigong skills and then integrating them with Jyotish archetypes of higher energy patterns. So, these two levels of the work lay a foundation for integrating neigong and weigong skills with higher energy patterns. Neidan then picks up the ball and threads these outer and inner qi flows into the cosmic matrix that surrounds and supports us all. In terms of the Daoist model, these levels of neidan yoga include advanced weigong, neigong and the preliminary stages of neidan.