three main tools

Hello Folks. Everyone’s got great advice about something or another. And, plenty of opinions about a whole lot else. Which is good, this is simply how it is—just take your pick on what to listen to and believe. However, you should really understand that all the variety in this world falls pretty much neatly into place within an integrated model that matches BOTH the wisdom of modern science and society AND the wisdom of ancient cultures and mystical traditions.

If you watched the above video, then you should now understand that everybody, everywhere—across time and land—has a valid piece of the pie. Everyone understands SOME things well and other things not so well. The next step is to pick up on those items you need for your own agenda—what will help you to progress and achieve your goals. As the video explained, there are three levels of experience to contend with:

  • Matter (the body; physical things)

  • Energy (your heart and mind; other energies like electricity, wind and sound)

  • Information (consciousness; spirit; more subtle energies)

The video also explained the optimal tool to fashion your way forward at each of these levels:

  • Make practical choices based upon adequate and useful information (material level; ordinary life)

  • Cultivate health with energy practices such as qigong (energy level)

  • Go deeper and practice meditation, yoga and prayer (information level; fate)

The below three columns summarize the key points and provide links to further details.


Etheric and Astral Level

Qigong consists of two words: qi (energy) and gong (skill). These exercises promote health by regulating the electrical flows in (etheric) and around (astral) the body.

Because the planets operate at higher levels, it's possible to shield yourself from their negative effects which have to trickle down through the astral and etheric levels to get to your body, heart and mind.

While not a foolproof charm to protect you from any and all cosmic debris, qigong is, nevertheless, the BEST practical remedy on the planet. It’s been used in China for this purpose for thousands of years—and with good success!


Physical Level

Planets act like guides. At specific times they step to the foreground and work to help you learn valuable lessons about yourself and your path in the world.

The energy that showers upon you must take form and manifest. However, it's up to you what form the energy takes.

If you learn about and emulate the better qualities of your planetary teacher, the power it wields will take shape along the lines of these better qualities. Otherwise, much like Murphy's law, the lessons  will tend to be less helpful.

This IS the place to start your journey to fulfillment, health and any other worthwhile goal you might have. While you don’t need to be a versed Jyotish astrologer to succeed, you do need to be canny and listen to the good advice.

Prayer and Meditation

Mental and Causal Level

The ultimate fix for karma lies deep inside yourself—in the stillness of meditation and prayer. Through consistent practice, you can begin to develop a more focused mind and with it, learn to speak more directly with your spiritual teachers.

In Vedic astrology, the planets operate at the mental and causal levels (much deeper than the other levels mentioned here). Deep meditation can reach these levels.

From here, the great spiritual adepts help us to achieve our fullest potentials. This path requires knowledge (Jyotish) and ability with energy (qigong) and mind (yoga).