The anterior circuit expresses multiple vantages on the soul. Physically, it corresponds to all the meridians of the front third of the body; imagine viewing a person from the side and slice her or him into three parts from top to bottom: a front, middle and back part). At a personal level, it corresponds to YOU. This circuit embodies the essential features (head, heart, initiative, family and belonging) of being human. At a psychic level it relates to Mother Earth (Gaia, Pachamama, Bhūmī-Devī—she has many names). At a spiritual level it resonates with the Divine Mother (Lakṣmī, Devī—again, many names).

Bhūmi Devī — a Hindu goddess that represents Mother Earth (photo: Tamil Nadu, India)

step 2 — get help

Of course, make sure to follow the good advice of your spiritual teacher and/or healthcare practitioner as well. This person’s advise should have top billing. For, we all need a coach to help with the difficult and hidden parts of our psyche and nature. So, do make sure to have a primary care person who can act as a sounding board and guide for your journey to the better.

Help takes many forms. The traditional Buddhist formula of “Buddha, Dharma and Sangha” provides good direction. Called the Three Jewels, these three aspects of the spiritual path reign supreme. They fashion an indispensable context for successful practice. These concepts find different forms in different traditions but all genuine spiritual approaches give central emphasis to:

  • Spiritual teacher — a master or accomplished practitioner who oversees your progress

  • Spiritual teachings — the body of knowledge that you study along the way

  • Spiritual community — a formal, or informal, group of spiritual seekers that study and practice together for the benefit of all members and the greater community of beings in this world

Therefore, along with being practical from the get-go (fix what’s on top), you should also strive to find a community of like-minded folks who can help support you and provide guidance for your spiritual journey. Fixing what needs fixing now is a tactical solution. Finding your version of the Three Jewels is a strategic solution—it will serve you both now and in the long run.

practice 2 develop the anterior circuit

This is the key region of the body. It serves to mesh many aspects—physical, energetic and spiritual. Although first practices keep the reins held in tightly, they gradually open up to a kaleidoscopic whirlwind of qi and mental techniques. What counts now is diligent practice as Swami Satyananda shares with us in the following quote.

Philosophy is intellectual and the end-point of evolution can never be reached through the intellect. The intellect becomes a barrier to spiritual awakening, and a powerful means is needed to transcend it. Hatha yoga is the most effective method for this, as it works on the prana and bypasses the mind.
— Satyananda, S., Hatha yoga book 1: An overview. 2012, Munger, Bihar, India: Yoga Publications Trust.