What's AcuJyoti?

AcuJyoti provides a way to apply the insights of Vedic astrology directly into the matrix of a person's many energy bodies. This can stabilize and improve the quality of your health, attitude and actual fortune in life. It gives a methodical approach to lighting up sushumna (the central energy channel) from root to crown chakra. AcuJyoti maps the acupuncture meridians to the constellations of Vedic astrology. This plot of the heavens provides enormous leverage for applying Jyotish principles to harmonize the planets, which ARE the tattvas (elements).

How? Just balance acupuncture points and flows related to various Jyotish configurations (say, a stressed aspect between two planets) and you have a leg up on karma. Then, add in traditional yogic practices—such as mantra, meditation and energy work—and you are seriously in the running for changing your life for the better, once and for all—no mean feat by any stretch of the imagination. And, it's real. It really works!

Why Bother?

Just in case you're not convinced. Here's something to consider. Why bother? Clearly because the road toward higher awareness glistens with the litter of countless well-intentioned but utterly useless techniques for spiritual cultivation. Most approaches offer limited guidance and even more limited results—despite the fervent and very real efforts of many serious devotees. Instead of jumping into some pushy fire breath technique and trying to force your way to the astral realm why not take a short-cut by slowing down and getting it right for a change? Any other approach, no matter how noble and enduring, will leave you short-changed.

You can practice whatever you value and have learned. Just add in key ideas from AcuJyoti—as you see fit—and you may very well notice positive changes beyond your ordinary experiences. Why?

Sagittarius - This constellation represents higher knowledge, judgment and luck. It maps to the center of our Milky Way galaxy and corresponds to the home of the gods.

Karma plays for keeps. It takes no prisoners. It leaves no clues. It offers no hope at all. Even serious and deeply sincere spiritual aspirants run afoul of its webs and devices. Gurus and precious teachers can help but check out the track record available freely in all recorded spiritual literature: a few noble souls get the call and strut up the ladder of success to the angels and spirit realms; all other seekers get partial to lukewarm to rotten results.

Sound like a rigged game of chance at the casino?  Your karma is yours whether you like it or not—whether you want it or not: lucky you. What to do? Anything other than a direct assault on karma will end botched up without a doubt.

To help answer this, let’s first cut even deeper to the core of human experience and consider yet again: "Why bother? Why bother with anything?" The endless details of "why" will come from your own unique experience. But the curt essential reason can simply be put as “avoid pain and chase happiness.” It really is that simple.

For whatever reason, evolution crafted humans as an energetic quilt knit of body, heart, mind and spirit. And by all telling, both scholarly and popular, the heart holds center stage.

The brain, though, translates this emotional charge into a binary system of "Yes—boy, that feels good;" and "No—yow, that’s awful." Neuroscience places the yes mostly in the frontal cortical regions as a goal-oriented system while the no resides in the limbic system as a pain-avoidance mechanism. So, all the endless nuances of our daily lives and hopes and dreams come down to digital ones and zeros—yes’s and no’s.

Life is what you make of it.

The whole saga of life follows on from this. If you could find better ways to achieve your goals, there would be a lot more time for you to thrive, enjoy and share your good fortune. So, the half-baked results most spiritual aspirants achieve merely reflects the enveloping principle that: Everyone tries but results mostly resemble the aftermath of a lottery drawing—a few winners and a lot of folks left wanting more.

Such a simple idea and yet we all continue to fumble and ache down the corridors of time despite all our supercomputer might and technical wizardry. The true fix for this mess, both at a personal and planetary level, comes from revisiting the simple binary model and deftly applying a revised interpretation.

A favorite new age maxim and war cry goes “all one.” The simple binary model underlying human motivation goes “all two.” Its revised interpretation that you will learn about here goes “all three.”  With this new model in hand you can rewrite your destiny.  This is a fact and promise vouchsafed by the examples of many great spiritual beings who, either intuitively or overtly, applied this principle to master their minds and lives. However, as with anything worthwhile, make sure to bring diligence and faith along with you on the ride.