These videos relate to the application of Jyotish (Vedic astrology) theory and practice to spiritual practice—and Neidan yoga, in particular. If you're more interested in just learning the basics of Jyotish, you have tons of more relevant options available in courses, books and on the web. Some good references for learning Jyotish are given on the References page. Here, however, we are clearly focused on moksha (मोक्ष, mokṣa).

Still, the videos do introduce concepts and explain techniques as needed so you can learn a bit of astrology here anyway. The Jyotish Star Map, especially, gives a way of thinking about what Jyotish is all about for those living in this world—regardless of their aims in life.

The levels listed below correspond to the levels of Neidan yoga. In short, each level progressively addresses a deeper cut of the cosmic turf (more and more subtle levels of energy). As a spiritual aspirant scoots along the Path to Light, different opportunities and challenges surface. Jyotish can, and does, provide essential information for navigating this travel safely and effectively. For instance, level 2 addresses weigong (outer qigong) as a vehicle for integrating the four lower chakras. In turn, these four chakras correspond to the four main tattvas (elements). Vedic astrology overflows with sage advice on how to coordinate and blend these forces of nature. So, appropriate Jyotish concepts are introduced at this stage for working with the four main tattvas and earth loka (plane).

level 1 — foundations

level 2 — yoga: weigong (outer qigong)
Jyotish: arudha lagna (social self)

level 3 — yoga: neigong (inner qigong)
Jyotish: Lagna (authentic self)

Level 4 — Yoga: neidan (central channel)
Jyotish: Guru in lagna (higher self)