spiritual consultation

A session oriented toward your questions about the theory and practice of neidan and yoga. A chance to receive private tutoring in the techniques and nuances of meditation, qigong, yoga and the spiritual journey.

jyotish reading

A full reading of the birth chart which covers all life areas. The reading can be tailored to your specific interests and questions. You can ask about spiritual matters or daily living.

jyotish — gemstone remedy

A gemstone recommendation tailored to your birth chart and specific goals.

jyotish — energy remedies

Qigong and Kriya Yoga remedies. Want to change your luck or fate? Here's a powerful and straight-forward way for you to do so. All it takes is consistent focus and effort. If you have the time and desire, positive change can happen for you in a remarkably smooth and rapid way.

mentorship program

A mentorship program that spans the entire spiritual path. This provides individual tuition in the arts and practices of neidan and yoga. Admission is by application only. Refer to the Contact menu item labeled Workshops and Training Programs for further details.

distance healing

Treatment of either Jyotish archetype patterns in your birth chart or current specific health or life concerns. Treatment is via energy medicine techniques drawn from traditional practices and complemented with the insights of modern research into subtle energy dynamics.