Every once in a great while (18 and a half years to be precise) a special gift gets bestowed from the heavens to those of us still rambling around down here on the earth (physical plane). You might wonder: what does this mean and what does it portend? Good questions!

In Vedic astrology (Jyotish) the moon’s north and south nodes have entered specially blessed waters in the celestial sea of starry wonder. Called Rahu and Ketu, respectively, in Jyotish, these two archetypes typically bode challenges and detours on the path to Light. But for the next year and a half (until Sep 2020) their locations in the zodiac bring in some higher vibrations to help offset this mischievous pairs normally corrupt and devious antics.

In fact, the added harmonics are so positive that these archetypes are now “exalted” (a term that signifies their potential for aiding great personal and spiritual progress). So, get it while the getting’s good! Now’s the time to plan and start or continue working on projects that reflect your deepest, most sincere and ethical beliefs. This reflects Ketu in Dhanu (the constellation, Sagittarius). It’s also a fine time to explore the cobwebs of your life and heart and tease out what does and doesn’t work. This reflects Rahu in Mithuna (the constellation, Gemini).

Just to add a note of sobriety to all the festivities: you should know that there are also some highly charged energies active on and off for the rest of this year. They will bring in a chaotic factor that can color all activities. This tendency to destabilize both personal and global events means that—at least up through this November—you should walk with your eyes on the stars (goals, hopes, inner development) but both feet planted firmly on the ground the whole time (keep it practical, hug a tree, get second advice, work with earth energies, monitor and measure your progress, and keep checking in with your spiritual guides and teachers). This stormy potential should mostly pass by the start of next year and is no excuse for you not to take advantage of such a rare and wonderful opportunity for personal and inner development. Take a yoga class. Learn qigong. Expand your horizons. Now’s the time.