Introduction to the yoga model for developing higher consciousness. Ultimately, yoga and meditation stand as the most complete medicine for all aspects of life. A discussion of integrative energy medicine including yoga, Jyotish astrology, eastern medicines (Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, etc) and western medicines (conventional and more holistic approaches such as integrative functional medicine). Each of these represents a specialization for treading part of the spiritual path. Success in yoga, and in life, requires facility with all these tools for growth and well-being. For further information, you can check out our websites at: and

The spiritual practice of yoga seeks to enhance awareness of our connection with others and Life itself. To do so, yogis have to master a field of energetic processes traditionally known as the tattvas (elements). There are a number of tattvas. The most commonly known are: earth, water, fire, air and ether.

Jyotish provides an extraordinarily useful map to these processes and how they interact with each other and the world and its inhabitants. By learning some key ideas from Jyotish, a yogi can gain greater leverage for the spiritual practices that constitute yoga such as pranayama, kriya yoga and meditation.

This series of videos introduces basic yogic and Jyotish ideas needed for spiritual practice and also explains how and what to practice. The discussion starts from the very beginning of the path so no prior knowledge of either Jyotish or yoga is needed although it certainly helps.