The ever-resourceful planet, Jupiter, has scooted along and now begins a five-month transit of Scorpio which culminates in March next year with some major spiritual fireworks that will likely also impact world events. Called Guru in Vedic astrology [Jyotish], this planet represents many of the very best qualities that we all strive and hope for—health, understanding, good luck, prosperity, dharma (doing what is right for a given situation) and wisdom.

To understand the meaning of the time, you need to consider both the planet and its location. So, what about Scorpio? Called, Vrishchika in Jyotish (what a mouthful!), its symbol, the scorpion, indicates some potential for trouble here. But, this sign leads a dual life as it also indicates healers and doctors, inner growth, transformation, inheritance and the occult. Scorpio can serve as a bridge from a narrow and exclusive focus on worldly pursuits to a broader perspective which brings in higher values such as care for the greater community.

The trick to this all hinges on how Guru and Vrishchika play together. Are they friends … or enemies … or simply strangers passing in the night? Although the sign itself is stressful for just about everybody and everything, the sign’s lords (owners) like Guru (in some ways) so the next handful of months can truly become a time for positive change. It really depends upon you.

The key choice you need to make? Whatever you do and wherever the winds take you, bring in a sense of the Guru energy. That is, do what you have to do and want to do but aim to ask yourself regularly: how does this fit into the greater scheme of things?

If you can activate the Guru qualities of wisdom (seeing how all the parts fit together) and healing (caring for both yourself and your charges but also the greater community and other folks too—in whatever small or large way you can), then the rest of this year and into next spring should go pretty well for you.