What's Your Destination?

Hindu tradition explains that life consists of four major aims for all of us. As you might imagine, these goals will sweep broad expanses of human experience. And they do:

  1. artha (wealth, possessions, security, work)

  2. kāma (pleasure, happiness, fun)

  3. dharma (purpose in life, right action and behavior)

  4. moksha (spiritual development)

Vedic astrology provides insight and guidance for all of these life areas. Most people have some interest in all such pursuits but tend to give major time and energy to just a few of them. This is neither right nor wrong and simply follows from the law of karma (fate or destiny). The Hindu yogis and other sages teach that each person has free will yet only within the context of her or his specific karma. This means that each individual will naturally be drawn or guided to specific life aims.

The magic and grace a person brings to life simply reflects how much she or he is at peace with, and utilizes, the unique path and opportunities given by Life. Even so, every one of us has a responsibility to develop the life areas of dharma and moksha, at least to some level, during our lifetime.

So, from one perspective, every life aim is on the path to Light since it is what one is supposed to do. However, the traditional final goal in Hinduism (and many world religions) is spiritual unfoldment leading to a higher level of consciousness which is often referred to as enlightenment.

These web pages focus upon this traditional meaning of the word moksha and explain how every human activity fits into this path but also detail how to progress along the traditional path of rāja yoga (energy work and meditation) to achieve higher awareness and enlightenment.