Neidan Dass (“servant of the path to Light”) is the author of these pages about spiritual qigong and a related website at which details the Jyotish Star Map used here as a lodestar for the practice of Neidan yoga. With over 35 years of spiritual study and practice, he’s invested much time into each of the three great eastern esoteric traditions—Hindu yoga, Tibetan Buddhism and Daoism.

Professionally licensed as an Acupuncture Physician, he likewise has, over the years, covered the waterfront of energy medicine and personal transformation—medical qigong, craniosacral therapy, body-centered counselling, shamanic journey work, Jyotish astrology and Chinese internal martial arts. Under his guru’s guidance, he’s knit together many true jewels from these traditional and modern vehicles of growth into a workable, Daoist-based approach to personal and spiritual transformation. Neidan yoga thus represents his take on a workable and realistic path for spiritual growth—from start to finish.

Also, a great devotee of nature and simply being in tune with the moment, he's usually working to help others. And when not, most likely you will find him practicing yoga in some corner somewhere. What a life!